Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Thank Thee, Oh God, For a Profit

I came accross this parody of "We Thee, Oh God, For A Prophet". Who ever wrote it is definitely in Satan's, the great deciever's, clutches. They seem to think it is timely, due to tomorrow's court decision.

                       We thank thee, oh God, for a Profit
                      To defraud us in these Latter Days
                      We thank thee for spinning the Gospel
                       to confuse our minds every day
                      Will we be Gods, or won't we?
                      I've been promised my own planet
                       Tithing is now optional,
                       but it used to be commandment

                        We sure love you, Tommy Monson
                          Who else speaks in triplicate?
                          We thank thee for all the platitudes
                           Without you, what would widows do?
                            We want our money back
                          we gave in days gone past
                              We feel it was put to bad use
                             And now, everyone, Let's Go Shop!

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