Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Ordain Women Movement: An Abomination

It is with heavy heart that I broach this subject. I thought I was done blogging for today, when the spirit whispered to me that there is no better time than today to talk about this great, pressing issue. Today, this article, LDS Church: Aims of "Ordain Women" Detract from Dialogue came to my attention.

Women of the church, may I inform you that there never is, or was, a reason for you to request equal rights. As Elaine S. Dalton put it so eloquently, "Young women you will be the ones who will provide the example of virtuous womanhood and motherhood. You will continue to be virtuous lovely praiseworthy and of good report. You will also be the ones to provide an example of family life in a time when families are under attack, being redefined and disintegrating. You will understand your roles and your responsibilities and thus will see no need to lobby for rights." You can read the inspired talk at Prophetic Priorities and Dedicated Disciples.

To the women who are wanting to get in the the Priesthood Session this coming April, please, I implore you. Your actions take away from the spirit of the meeting. The Holy Ghost cannot, and will not, be present when such willful disobedience to God's will is in the area. Your standing in line quietly, wanting to get in to the meeting with your husband, detracts from the peaceful atmosphere of the Temple Square area and the Lord's most sacred nearby Mall.  Please, repent and reconsider your actions.

Kate Kelly's quotes in the article are especially distressing. the article states:

"Kelly said the group doesn't feel like it belongs in the free-speech zones, provided by the city for protestors who demonstrate during the church's semiannual general conferences in April and October.We feel as faithful, active Mormon women we have nothing in common with people who oppose the church and want to protest against it," she said. "The church is its members. We aren't against the church, we are the church."

The Lord doesn't bow down to pressure from the public, just like he did not bend with the Manifesto that put a ban on polygamy in 1890 and the 1978 lift of the ban of men of African decent not having the Priesthood. Kate, may I ask you a couple of questions then? Does God run His church? Does Thomas Monson serve as His spokesperson on Earth at this very moment? What has President Monson in his official capacity as Prophet said about this issue? If you can't anwswer with a resounding "YES!" to these questions, you are not a member in good standing, but a vexatious protester who needs to be moved to the outer limits of Temple Square were protesters meet. Kate, let me answer these questions for you.

(1)Does God run His church?

Yes. Would you all get you Quad out and turn to Isaiah 55:8-9? It reads

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

It is specifically saying that God's thoughts on ordaining women are much higher that yours. His timing was perfect on all the other revelations. God knew Utah needed to be a state, so he timed the Manifesto against polygamy just in time! It wasn't racism that kept the blacks from having the priesthood, it was God's will.  In 1978, around twenty years after the civil rights movement began, God decided it was okay to grant men of African decent the priesthood. It was through revelation, not external pressure to "get with the times", that changed this. It will be the same thing with ordaining women. Gordon B. Hinckley stated of this important revealation, that they just prayed about it and felt good. But enough about that. It is behind us. I don't wish to think more about small, insignificant fleks of history. Read about it here: Priesthood Revelation.

When God wants Women ordained, or treated equally, don't you think that he will tell the prophet as soon as possible?  

(2) Does Thomas S Monson serve as His spokeperson on Earth at this very moment?

Yes, he does. I hear that every time I listen to General Conferance, and the prophets and apostles cannon lead us astray, because they told me so. Also, I had a burning in my bosom last time a was at the Conference Center when Thomas S. Monson came in. I have a hard time telling this type of feeling from simple indigestion, in which I take a rol-aid, or from my own emotions. However, I testify unto you that this time, it wasn't indigestion!  I truely felt he was a living, breathing, Prophet!

(3) What has President Monson, in his official capacity said about this issue?

Hmmm. I don't know. I can't remember him ever addressing such an issue. Could you look into that for me?

In conclusion, women should be happy that their divine calling is to be a wife or mother and homemaker, even if they chose not to marry or have children, are gay or simply haven't found a man to marry or are infertile. A man's divine calling is to hold the holy mantle of the priesthood and to provide for the babies his wife pops out.

I leave you with these words:

It is an abomination in God's sight for a woman to conduct sacrament meeting. Her role is to make sure the kids don't try to go up to the stand.

It is not a women's role to break and pass the bread and water of the holy sacrament. Her role is to pass it down the isle and make sure the next person gets it.

It is not right for a woman to collect fast offerings. Her role is to drive her 12 year old son to do the job, but God would be displeased if she went up to the door.

It is not right for a woman to lay her hands on her sick child. It is her role to call the bishop or home teachers to come over a 2 AM to help give the baby a blessing.

Please, be okay with your God given role as a woman. I have a testimony of it because the brethern have told me so many times. They cannot lead me astray!


  1. Very funny. I love Church satire. Check out Brother Jake on Youtube

  2. He is very righteous and knows his gospel, is he single? My grandkid is a recent RM of 6 months and the poor sweet spirit just can't find a man.