Saturday, April 5, 2014

FAIR and FARMS - Anti Mormon Propaganda??

This is a timely post, as we are listening to the prophet and apostles voice in General Conference. I recently came across the websites of FAIR and FARMS- supposedly, they are there to answer "tough gospel questions", but us that the case? For example, look at this answer to the question about the Journal of Discourses. Here FAIR Mormon Journal of Discourses
One might assume, based on how critics quote the Journal of Discourses, that it is something to be shunned, and generally ignored. It does in fact have some errors in it. However many of these errors can be attributed to the fact that the discourses given by the brethren were not always reviewed by them for errors (many gave their sermons impromptu, especially Brigham Young).

They are saying the Prophet of the Lord, even Brigham Young, spoke in error, and that it would take others to correct the prophet to keep him on the straight and narrow. That is anti-mormon propaganda, when the prophet speaks, the thinking has been done!

Listen to this!
Critics cannot understand how the Church can have prophets that are not infallible—they assume either that these men must not be prophets, or that members must regard them and their every utterance as infallible. Neither conclusion is correct.

This is the slippery road to apostacy. How can one think that the prophet does not speak for the Lord? We know that the living prophet is more important to us then the scriptures. We know Brigham Young was a great prophet, even the Moses of the West. How can you say that he wasn't infallible?

Dear readers, look at this! It is found here: Joseph Smith Hiding Polygamy

"The concept of "civil disobedience" is essential to understanding those occasions in which Joseph Smith or other church members were not forthright about the practice of polygamy. Like obedience to civil law, honesty and integrity are foundational values to the Chruch of Jesus Christ. Indeed, the success which critics have in troubling members with tales of polygamy and its deceptive circumstances, is in a way, a compliment to the church. If the church as an institution typically taught its members to have a casual disregard for the truth, a discovery that Joseph Smith had decieved others about polygamy would not be troubling to most. But, because the church (contrary to the suggestions of some critics) really does teach its members to aspire to live elevated lives of moral rectitude, the discovery that deception was involved can come as something as a shock. Disillusionment can ensue if we follow the critics in assuming that because Joseph occasionally misled others in this specific context, he must have lied about everything else, and been absolutely unworthy of trust."

How can we accept this? Joseph Smith being less than forthright and deceptive? How dare they smear the prophet and even say that if they are true believing members of the church! How dare the say it was civil disobedience! This type of garbage makes me sick!

I also found this: Mormon and Racist Issues

"We should be forgiving of past prophets who we today would percieve as being "racist," or otherwise unsophisticated when compared to the present day. Lest we judge harshly, we ought to consider that even the Savior himself spoke of "outsiders" using language that we would consider grossly offensive. We are warned, however, that we will be judged in the same manner in which we judge others. If we condemn those of past for being imperfect or influenced by thier culture, what can we expect for ourselves?"

How dare they say that Christ would say something offensive! How dare they state that prophets were "unsophisticated" or imperfect when they are led on a daily basis by the Lord! Prophets are led by the Lord, which means that the Lord would correct any so called "influence of culture." The true church is above such things! If we believe that early leaders were led by their culture, what would that mean for today's leaders? That they are actually stating false things under their own cultural influence? No, we must believe they guiding light of Christ was with them always!

I strongly advise not going to their websites for answers. It is obviously an anti-Mormon website.

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  1. A "tough gospel question" is, purely and simply, the work of The Adversary. Thus saith the Lord.